Pudding Monsters

Pudding Monsters 1.2.7

Combine and overcome separation


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Good graphics
  • Good kids game


  • Can get boring


Pudding Monsters is an interesting puzzle game where you have to mash different pudding monsters together into one blob. You have to cover up to 3 stars in each level to get a higher score.

The puzzle aspect of Pudding Monsters is different and fun because of its new gameplay style. The setting of the stages are on a tabletop and the only defined areas are objects placed within the levels.

That means you can accidentally move monsters off the table causing you to fail. You swipe to move monsters around the stage and combine them together. There is not a set number of moves so you can be creative with your answers in Pudding Monsters.

Graphics in Pudding Monsters are perfect for the game, with crisp and detailed cartoon monsters. The animations are good and the puzzles have multiple solutions, but only one to collect all three stars in a level.

Pudding Monsters is a fun puzzle game, but how many more puzzle games do you need?

Pudding Monsters


Pudding Monsters 1.2.7

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